Kubeia at Berlin's Nacht der Wissenschaften
a live improvisation with music

Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Abt. SE1, Berlin-Adlershof
15 June 2002


Photovoltaic research and video photograms have one thing in common: the focus on light sensitive silicon. This is why the Klaus Lips acting head of the Silicon Photovoltaics Department of the Hahn-Meitner-Institute invited me to the “Night of the Sciences” 2003 in Berlin.

.<- Click for Clip (Mp4 538 Kb)

For the first time the video photogram technique was used for a live performance together with the musician Matthias Graf. This was the right moment to present “Kubeia” to the public: Tim Otto Roth had developed a edition of mini cubes (10x10x10 cm) containing a compact CMOS video chip and clock mechanism turning a white LED in three different speeds around.

Using five of this units Tim Otto Roth reacted as a video jockey on the acoustic-musical improvisation of the musician switching between the units and exchanging steadily the objects.  

Kubeia- mini video photogram unit (10x10x10cm)